Unforgettable visits: the Bugarach moutain, the city of Carcassonne, Rennes-le-Chateau (Aude, Occitanie)

Cultural tours

The castles of the Cathar country: Puilaurens, Puivert, Arques, Peyrepertuse, Quéribus ;
The Gorges de Galamus ;
The city of Carcassonne ;
The Pech de Bugarach ;
Les Terres Rouges ;
Rennes-le-Château and Abbé Saunière ;
The Templar Treasure…

Sport activites

Hiking ;
Cycling & mountain biking ;
Canyoning, rafting, canoeing & kayaking ;
Thermalism ;

Restaurant bar campsite Rennes-les-Bains vignobles

Culinary culture

Crémant and Blanquette de Limoux (sparkling wine),
wines from the Aude region;
Goat’s cheese;
Local markets.

Ask at the campsite reception for more information. Christelle will be happy to give you information about the Cathar country,
the Gorges de Galamus, the city of Carcassonne, the village of Rennes-le-Château and many other destinations.

Our top favorites ❤️ : Rennes-les-Bains, Bugarach and Arques

On the first day, get your bearings and relax with a walk through the village of Rennes-les-Bains.

River village Rennes-les-Bains campsite

Rennes-les-Bains is crossed by the river Sals, which is frequented by fish, especially trout, ideal for fishing lovers. It is also an approved spa for rheumatological cures.

Village Rennes-les-Bains river campsite

In summer, when the heat is on, the Limousis cave or the Giant chasm of Cabrespine are exceptional sites to visit. The museum of Tautavel is a museum dedicated to prehistory. Tautavel Man is the name given to the fossils found in the Caune de l’Arago, in the commune of Tautavel in the Pyrénées- Orientales.

Located 10 minutes by car from the campsite, the keep of Arques was built in the 13th century. It is a rectangular enclosure pierced by a pointed arch door and embellished in its corner with a tower. In the centre stands the 25-metre high keep, built of golden sandstone and fitted with numerous loopholes.

Castle Arques Campsite La Bernede

On the road to Serres, 5 minutes from Arques, you can hike about 10 km along the Terres Rouges path in the Rialsesse valley. The red marls that are visible are sediments mixed with iron oxides. Some of the views will remind you of typical American landscapes.

Rennes-le-Château dominates the Aude valley with aplomb. It welcomes many curious people attracted by the mystery of Abbé Saunière and his sudden fortune.

Rennes-le-Chateau Campsite La Bernede

We recommend a number of educational walks such as the Salz spring and its salt history. You can also visit the vulture observatory on the way to the Roman bridge. Take a short walk across the bridge to take a dip. And don’t forget to visit the Pontils pottery on the Terres Rouges road.

roman bridge river campsite Rennes-les-Bains

20 minutes from the campsite, the Pic de Bugarach is a mythical place, inspired by many legends. The highest point in the Corbières (1230 metres), on the Cathar Trail, the imposing and magnificent Pech de Bugarach is a favourite spot for experienced hikers. A view of the Pic du Canigou and the Pyrenees.

Mountain Bugarach campsite Rennes-les-Bains

Continuing your journey, you will arrive at the Gorges de Galamus. A listed natural site, the waters of the Agly have forged limestone walls several hundred metres deep to reach the Mediterranean. Ideal for canyoning or hiking.

Galamus river campsite Rennes-les-Bains

The must-visit, Carcassonne and the Cathares castles

Carcassonne castle campsite La Bernede

The Cité de Carcassonne stands out in the wine-growing plain, with the Corbières and the Pyrenees in the background. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monumental double wall will impress you, as well as the maze of alleys that will lead you to the château comtal and the basilica of Saint-Nazaire. Carcassonne can be very busy in the summer. So come and get some peace and quiet at the Lac de la Cavayère, where you can swim or go for a walk.

Castle Carcassonne campsite Rennes-les-Bains

The visit of the Cathar castles is a tour in the heart of the Corbières. Among them are the “five sons of Carcassonne”: Peyrepertuse, Aguilar, Termes, Puilaurens, and Quéribus. Their location as eagles’ nests perched high on impregnable rocky peaks illustrates these “citadels of vertigo”.

Castle cathare Peyrepertuse campsite Rennes-les-Bains

One of the finest examples of fortification in the Corbières, the castle of Peyrepertuse has never been besieged. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1070, when Guilhem de Peyrepertuse, a sympathiser of the Cathar cause, finally submitted to prevent the citadel from being besieged. In Axat, you can take the Red Train (le Train Rouge)  to the Lapredelle station, from where shuttle buses will take you to the castle of Puilaurens.

On the fabulous site of the Moulin de Ribaute, you can picnic by the many waterfalls after climbing the slopes of the château de Peyrepertuse. If you have chosen to visit the castle of Puivert, you can refresh yourself at the nearby lake.

Our recommendations: restaurants, visits and activites 😎

Restaurants and bars :

Château des Ducs de Joyeuse, gastronomic restaurant in Couiza.

Le Carnotzet, restaurant in Couiza. Savoyard specialities: raclettes, tartiflettes, fondues.

Le Jardin De Marie, restaurant in Rennes-le-Château.

“Le vin te 2” tapas bar. The owner, Pierre, will introduce you to the best local wines, on the Place de la République in Limoux.

Book your guided tours of the Cathar country organised by Stéphanie.  She will also be happy to organise “escape games” at the dungeon of Arques.

Hiking excursions Corbieres Aude Rennes-les-Bains

Many river activities are offered by professionals. The white water of the Haute-Vallée de l’Aude allows for canyoning, kayaking and canoeing.

There are many walking, hiking, cycling and horse riding routes for beginners to advanced levels.

Take a stroll through the local markets. The market in Esperaza on Thursdays and Sundays in the Place de la République, and the night market on Mondays in July and August. In Limoux, the market is open every Friday of the year. If you are in the area between mid-January and March, don’t miss the Limoux carnival. Its origins date back to the 16th century and it is a traditional and unmissable event.